Get Stronger, Lose Weight, Improve Cardio, Improve Pain/Discomfort.

If any of these goals are on your list, then the 16 Weeks Transformation Challenge starting in February is for you. The 16 Weeks Transformation Challenge is an evidence-based system designed to implement sustainable healthy lifestyle habits, which directly support your goals.

Whatever your goal might be is all related to your habits. “Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits. You get what your repeat.” – James Clear

The challenge is not “who is doing the most Pilates sessions” OR “who is losing the most amount of weight”. The challenge is about unlearning the habits not serving your goals. The challenge is about learning what actually works for you vs the latest fads promoted on social media. The challenge is about being accountable and being patient to achieve sustainable results.

This challenge is not for anyone having an eating disorder and certainly not recommended if you are looking for fast results. Before you attempt to lose weight make sure you ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you want to lose weight? Ask “why” x 3 times and dig as deep as possible into your motivation.
  • Does weight loss align with your goals? Maybe you want to look leaner and this is a different goal.
  • Are you willing to make the required sacrifices? For example you might be required to spend 10 min every day to record what you are eating and might involve some weighing of your food.
  • Are you in the right headspace to lose weight?

For more details check below the fundamentals of the program.

Nutrition Challenge

Some important rules to help you understand the system and why delivers sustainable results. 

  • Any diet works. As long as there is a calorie deficit i.e. you eat less than what you consume, you will eat less. However, the more restrictive the diet is and the bigger the calorie deficit the shorter lived the results.
  • The food you eat during the challenge should include everything you enjoy and fit into your macro profile designed by your coach.
  • You should NOT eat food you are allergic to, spoiled food, food that makes you sick or food you hate.
  • Main point to understand to help you change your mindset from yo-yo dieting to sustainable transformation is:almost all foods can fit into a healthy diet with proper planning, portion control and moderation.
  • The amount of weight you lose depends on your starting weight and the actual bodyfat %. In general the recommended rate for healthy weight loss is 0.4% to 0.7%  total bodyweight per week. This is because increasing the rate of weight loss past the healthy rate will result in slightly higher lean body mass loss. Ultimately what do you want to lose? Muscles OR Fat?
Pilates Transformation

There is a myth about the need to perform high intensity cardio for weight loss. 

  • The truth is that strength exercise performed at the right load and intensity will help you maintain lean body mass and burn calories long after you stopped exercising.
  • Cardio exercises are an important part of a holistic training but are not the answer to weight loss. Low intensity cardio and keeping active through the day helps to overall calorie consumption without affecting your lean body mass.
  • We will design your training program based on your membership plan in the studio and the other activities you enjoy outside of the studio. The most important thing is to choose activities you likely to be consistent with and can be anything from walking, running, swimming to Pilates or Strength training in the studio.
Coaching Pilates Challenge

Coaching will help you customise the system for your own circumstances:

  • Choosing the right goal and timeframe to achieve your goal. The 16 weeks is not a race or hard line to cross. The real goal is to change and unlearn self-sabotaging habits.
  • Design the nutrition plan and the macros for your budget.
  • Design the training plan.
  • Change the plan during the 16 weeks and empowering you beyond the 16 weeks.
  • Coaching helps you to understand what your body needs and create realistic goals. Identifies and helps you change your habits. This requires time and yes it’s not easy. This is just a step towards sustainable transformation for healthier life. But when you make the decision to change, half the battle is done. The other half is our support with evidence-based knowledge, tools and accountability.
Transformation Pilates Nutrition Challenge

How much is your investment for 16weeks ?

  • The normal prices in the market for such a program are anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000.
  • Many of these programs are delivered online.
  • Many of these programs are promising fast results NOT sustainable results.
  • Many of these programs are restrictive and aim to sell a product.
  • Our 16 Transformation Challenge is evidence-based follows our mantra of “increment progression”. It is the slow but safe and sure way to deliver results.
  • Our 15th Anniversary Offer for our existing customers is only $25/week. Be part of the celebration and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Transform and win!

  • We have $1,000 worth of prizes to be won.
  • Enter to achieve your transformation and be rewarded for your efforts!