Why 1% Better Everyday?

Project yourself into the future — a week, a month, a year, a decade. Consider what advice you would give yourself today, what changes would you start doing today so that your health will not decline, that you will feel as strong or stronger than today, that you will have the energy and zest of life to fully enjoy every single day of your life? Can 1% better everyday challenge help?

If you do nothing today, the natural rate of decline and ageing is … natural… But “if you improve even 1% over the next 365 days the simple formula of compound interest is clear: you would be approximately 37.78 times better than you were before (1.01365=37.78). “James Clear

You do know that eating, moving and mindset influence each other and together determine your health and wellness. So what could you improve today in any of these areas? The latest research suggest that keeping your body strong, the stress levels low and stress management skills high will contribute to illness prevention and health-span. We don’t want to just live long. We do want a healthy life.

Everything is easier said than done and this is why this is a challenge particularly if we are not patient and we are looking for instant gratification. However, following a system that guarantees results, having the right support, environment and accountability it will help you to enjoy this journey.

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NOTE: Everything below does not constitute medical advice and should not replace appropriate medical advice for any specific health or illness conditions.

1% Better Everyday Eat Your Protein

Macros i.e. protein, carbs, fats. They are all important but we ignore or do not understand enough the importance of protein for our health.  Most people, when they think of protein, think of building muscles. This is true, however protein’s role is a lot bigger than this. Protein is essential for every one of your cellular functions i.e. your metabolic health. Protein is critical for neurotransmitters which are responsible for mood and even your sleep.

For a person involved in general exercise and fitness routine, healthy weight loss, or if you are interested in healthy ageing, you must have a minimum of 1.4 grams per kilogram. This is easy to calculate but hard to implement in everyday life.

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  • the exact macros for your fitness goals together with
  • answers to typical questions; when should I eat my protein, is animal protein different than the plant protein, what if I am vegetarian, what should I eat before/after a workout etc. PLUS
  • healthy high-protein recipes for you and your family
  • accountability and support to get 1% Better everyday

“If you keep muscle healthy, you’ve got a good shot at avoiding obesity, avoiding diabetes, avoiding cancer, etc.” —Don Layman

1% Better Everyday Squats And Pushups

“If exercise could be packaged in a pill it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” – Robert Butler, National Institute on Ageing.

The risk factors (blood pressure, diabetes, to some extent lipids and cholesterol, and also how you deal with stress) that contribute to cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality are all influenced by exercise and physical activity.

Unfortunately physical activity it’s one of the most challenging things to get people to change their behaviour around because of the time commitment.

We are often asked “how many times per week should I do Pilates”?  This is why my answer always is: 1 is better than nothing, 2 is better than 1 … you get my drift. At the end of the day is a choice we all make amongst life priorities. To be blunt though, doing Pilates once or twice per week is not enough to make a dent towards your metabolic rate. Two hours per week is a drop in the ocean. You do need to move more and it doesn’t need to be in the studio. You can add a simple routine in your everyday life which if you do consistently will establish a foundation for an active lifestyle.

Use the challenge to make physical activity a priority in your life for the next 6 weeks and beyond. In line with the philosophy of this challenge we have chosen two basic, simple exercises which can do with us in the studio or at home or even if you are away on holiday.

Squats and push-ups are the most universal exercises. Squat every day. Push up every day. Progress when this is done daily and becomes easy.

Such a simple challenge. Stop thinking and start acting, join the challenge now to establish a simple habit which you don’t need to overthink. Make it part of an active lifestyle wherever you are.

Once you join you will receive:

  • the exact number of squats / pushups and progression guidelines for your own circumstances
  • answers to typical questions; when is the best time to exercise, what muscles am I going to work on, what if my knees or shoulder hurts? is it too much if I exercise everyday? what is the best technique for squats and/or pushups
  • how to exercise for pain & injury workshop
  • accountability and support to get 1% Better everyday

“Exercise improves a collection of 5 lifestyle related factors: the autonomic nervous system, blood pressure, lipids, the lining of the blood vessels, and diabetes ” — Peter Attia 

1% Better Everyday Mindful Daily Routine

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour. – Zen Proverb

We live in a world where being busy is a status symbol for the ostensibly “successful” people. Combined with a culture of instant gratification we sleep less or we sleep poorly to do more at the cost of our health.

What can we do to combat this? Take this challenge to create more time for yourself. The Zen Proverb is suggesting that mindfulness and meditation help clear up the mind thus being less stressed, more productive, is lowering blood pressure, is improving our health and emotional wellbeing.

Yes, it takes an effort to practice meditation and it’s not always the first thing we turn to for relaxation. Hence this is a challenge and hence we are here to help. Make a commitment to make mindfulness a habit you can not live without. We brush our teeth daily, and drink water daily – so why not brush our mind with meditation, and let it drink in stillness that it so desperately needs? The ancient proverb put’s it so elegantly.

Join the challenge now to establish a simple habit which you don’t need to overthink. Make it part of an active lifestyle wherever you are.

Once you join you will receive:

  • reliable techniques for practicing mindfulness for your own circumstances from breathing to journaling to listening to a 90 sec mindfulness exercise
  • one Pilates for the mind session
  • answers to typical questions; when is the best time to practice mindfulness, is mindfulness different from meditation, what if I cannot stop my thoughts? I am a driven type A personality, is mindfulness going to help me?
  • accountability and support to get 1% Better everyday

Authentic mediation is a state of thoughtless awareness and when practiced correctly and consistently the benefits are staggering, spanning across emotional wellbeing, brain health and body health. We don’t meditate to get better at meditation, we meditate to get better at life. – Sharon Salzberg